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Mapping and program

We make the engine control unit complete map, starting from the empty unit. This includes the setting of all the sensors parameters and the programming of all the strategies that the engine needs (injection, ignition, turbo control, ALS, gearbox, etc.). 

We cover all kind of engines: petrol, diesel, atmospheric, turbo-charged...
Programamos todos os sistemas auxiliares do vehículo, como por exemplo: displays de información, unidades de xestión de corrente (Powerbox), sistemas de adquisición de datos, controis de caixa de cambios…

Planning and design

Keeping in mind the innumerable options that the market offers in the present, we look for the best option for your project; as if you only need a solution for your engine or as you are looking for the complete electronic equipment for your vehicle. Even if one specific problem that is not covered for the standard market appears, we design the specific equipment to solve it. 

Equipment selling

We supply all kind of electronic equipment: engine and gearbox control units, displays, power management units, data loggers, interfaces, communication modules...

We give technical support to all the parts that we sell.

We are LifeRacing and DTAFast dealers, but we can offer a wide range in other brands. Ask us, you will surprise.

Also we can supply all kind of electric and electronic parts, including wires (automotive or Mil-spec) connectors (original automotive, autosport and industrial), relays (standard automotive or highcurrent), fuses (standard and automatic) and all kind of sensors (pressure, temperature, lambda, position and force).

Bespoke wiring looms

We make wiring looms as engine as complete vehicle. All the looms are made keeping the autosport standards, that is, using Spec55 wire using Spec55 wire, DR25 heatshrink tubes and concentric twist wiring.

Track support

We offer the track support service to help in the vehicle settings and the solution of problems.

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